NOT an Ordinary One!

I had a dream
but not an ordinary one,
It was not like all the girls dream
where the prince rides in a white horse
and takes you to live happily!
I had a dream but it was not like this one.

It was bright and cheerful
all the shops were completely full.
There were rats, cats, toads and owls
trapped in cages.
The book shops were packed with
colorful moving pictures and pages.

There with wizard in deep red robes,
I wished I could be one of those.
To be one of those I still needed a wand
The connection between a wizard and wand
is a special bond.

Then I was holding my first wand
I felt very proud that I wanted to
shout aloud that at last I was who
I intended to be.
But I kept it all inside Me!

Just then My alarm was ringing like 4th of july
I opened my eyes
and sighed Oh! my
What a wonderful dream it was

By: Shova Malla

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My family!!!


  • This is my family! There are almost 60 members in my family. That is big but still i love my family. We the kids call ourselves the KOPILA KIDS! You will want to know something about us. We(the kopila kids) are:

Check checke! 
And all of the other stuff too.
We have a big family. The picture shows that too. The oldest kid in our family is Janak and the youngest is Manisha. In a big family like us people might think that how does this family lives happily.Well in our family we are really nice to everyone else. In our family we respect privacy. We listen to what aunties, uncles, volunteers, and our big brothers and sisters too!!!!
Every morning when we wake up and brush our teethes, the breakfast bell rings so we go down and sit quietly around the table and count how many are so nobody is missing. We sing the gratitude prayer and eat together. We do the same for dinner too.
We haves rule that we have to follow cause we have a big family. The kids make the rules they think are good to make everyone happy!!
At night around 8pm we do sat sang. It’s a time for our whole family to get together and talk about what the schedule is for the next day.We sing god songs and fun songs and wish to god. We are thankful for all the things that are given to us. We give compliments to those whose are being awesome and we share what needs to be done for the some problems.In every family there are always problems sometimes we also have problems too. We make them disappear. At sat sang we are at peaceful times. 
Here at kopila Fridays and saturdays are the favorite days for the kids. In friday we only have half day school. When we come home we wash our clothes, Bathe, rest, do homework, and play lots of games!! At night we have a short sat sang and we watch MOVIE! 
In saturdays we deep clean our room and rest hat whole day and get ready for the next week. We sleep early.
This is how our family works. We are sometimes busy too!! Especially at exams times!!!
Because of these things I love my family very much. I think that i have the happiest and kind family in the whole world.
                                                                               I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!




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My Thoughts

When I was thinking and thinking,
suddenly my eyes started blinking.
I felt i was lifted by a box,
Fly, fly high
up in the sky

People are talking,
Children’s are crying,
pakodas are frying,
I am flying across the Horizon
Fly, fly high
up in the sky!

Birds are flying above me
Blue river passing by
I cannot tell how excited am I?
Fly, fly high
up in the sky!

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In this vacation we were planning to go to the picnic with the 8th and 7th grader.We went with our teacher Rajesh sir,Bhakta sir and lalit sir.That day we went for buying things for the picnic.The next day we all came in the school and started cutting meat.Our sir told the girls to go to the picnic place for making the break fast.

                                     We the girls went to the picnic place and started looking for fire wood.soon we made tea and boiled the eggs.The boys came with the sir. We ate break fast which was bread,boiled eggs and milk tea.Our sir and some of the boys went to bring some fire wood.WE started cooking pulau,acchar,meat and vegetable.

                                                         WE went for a walk up in the hills. we could see surkhet valley clearly.WE took some pictures up there.Than we ate our lunch which was very tasty and washed the plates.We had brought computer and speakers so we started dancing.After having snacks we again danced.We threw water to each other.We danced again and came home.we had a lot of fun!!

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Nepal is a land lock country.It is surrounded three side India and one side china.Nepal may look small in size but it is full with natural beauty.There are many lakes,river,hills,mountain,waterfall and forests in nepal.Nepal has it’s national animal-cow

                              national bird-danphe     

                              national flower-rhododendron

                              national weapon-khukari

                              national color-crimson

                              national food-lentils,rice and vegetable curry

  Nepal has the world highest mountain called sagarmatha.Many of the tourist come to nepal to climb the mountain.they also come to nepal to see it’s beautiful natural sight.The main religion of nepal is hindu.Neplease people celebrate festivals like holi(festival of color)teej,dashain,and tihar etc.Nepal has  75 district 14 zones.Nepal is divided into three region which are mountain region,hilly region and terai region.The terai region is called the store house of nepal because terai has fertile soil and many crops are grown there.

            The full form of nepal is Naturally(N) enduring(E) pretty(P) alluring(A) loving(L)country.n in such a beauti

            though my country is small and un developed i love my country very much.I am very thankful to god that i got born in such a beautiful country.




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Begining of the vacation

Our vacation arrived finally!!!!
Every one were rushing to do their home work.
I had already finished my social,population and english home work.

I still had a lot to do.We usally go to other places in our vacation.Three years ago we went to Bardia national park.Then next time we went to kalikoat because many hostel childrens are from kalikoat too.Then Then the nest year we went to pokhara.It’s a famous place of nepal.
Last year after we got our vacation home work we all wished to our friends and teacher Happy vacation by giving greeting cards.We all rushed to do our vacation home work.Some were almost done!
In our sasang (family meeting and being thankful) time we were told that this vacation we are going to kalikoat!
We were very delighted!The other childrens whose hose was not in kalikoat could go too.They were really delighted too because they had never been to kalikoat ever before.Some of the children stayed in surkhet because their relative would come to take them.

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Poem about our school

Our  School
Our school name is Kopila Valley
and it lies in Surkhet  Valley.
It is very beautiful.
All students are very helpful.
It starts from 9;15 am
and finishes at 4;00 pm.
The lower grade is nurssery
and the higher grade is 6th.
Maggie doyne is our founder
and Top sir is our director.
They are very helpful
and  they like to help poor people.
Nisha gharti is our school
captain and she likes to take part in
It is divided into four
they are sun, moon, sky,
and star house
In every Friday they
conduct some program.
They may be indoor
or outdoor games.
There are many books
in the library.  They are
our property.
In our playground
there are many playing things
in which we play
with exhilarating
In our school none of the
students are guilty.
And none of them
are filthy.
All the instruments of
our school are very
luxurious and none of the
students are anxious
In our school we have the
facility of lunch.  Children never
eat food with a munch
We have a clinic in our school
in clinic, medicine are full.
We come to school to read and write,
it is our student right.

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kopila valley school


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About My School

Shova at Christmas


My name is Shova. I am living in Kopila Valley Children’s Home. It is a hostel. My school name is Kopila Valley. It has very big playground. It starts from 9:15 to 4:00 O”clock. My school principal name is Maggie Doyne. Every morning we do some assembly. My school has a big stage. Every friday we make program  like running, dancing, singing, football, poem, quiz contact etc. In my school there are 13 teachers. 11 of them are female and 2 of them are male. It has a big library. In my school there are two computers. If you have any questions please comment.

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The trip of Pokahara

We went to pokhara for 2 days. All the children’s of kopila and my self plus staf’ went there. We booked the bus to go to the pokhara and we had a lot of fun there. Pokhara is a very beautiful town. And i think it is a wonderful place to spend holidays or travel around. we stayed in the hotel  peace and spend the nights. We went the lake of pokhara which is the biggest lake of nepal. We went to the david fall and we swim in the swimming pool. It was very fun in the pokhara.

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